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I am dedicating this page to the memory of my mother, Alma Stephenson Dever (1907-2010), whose photo appears above, for introducing to me, as a small child, her passion for the history of Great Britain. She was before her time in recognizing that the United Kingdom was populated by a mixture of many peoples from various backgrounds, each contributing their strengths to its history and culture. It is in that spirit that I welcome the opportunity to sponsor a page on which features individuals of African ancestry in the long history of Great Britain. – Catherine Dever Foster, June 8, 2014

Alma Stephenson Dever

Encyclopedia Entries

Diane Abbott
Africans at Hadrian’s Wall
Ira Aldridge
Dido Elizabeth Belle
Paul Yaw Boateng
Sarah Forbes Bonetta
George Bridgetower
The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963
Brixton Riots, 1981
Idris Elba
Justin Soni Fashanu
Bernie Grant
Sheku Kanneh-Mason
Constantine Learie
Thomas Molyneux
Olive Elaine Morris
The New Cross Fire, 1981
The Notting Hill Riots, 1958
Nottingham Riots, 1958
George Padmore
John Perkins
Bill Richmond
The Royal African Company
Ignatius Sancho
Mary Jane Seacole
Bishop John Sentamu
Zadie Smith
John Henry Smythe
James Sommersett
John Taylor

Hadrian’s Wall
“Image Ownership: Public Domain”
Nathaniel Wells
Francis Williams
The Windrush Generation, 1948
Gary Younge
Benjamin Zephaniah
The Zong Massacre

Perspectives Articles

Dido Elizabeth Belle and Lady
Elizabeth Murray
“Image Ownership: Public Domain”
(Click on the Image Above for Additional
Africans, African Americans, Great Britain and the United States:
The Curious History of Rio Pongo in the Early 19th Century

Distant Whistles, Muted Flutes: Ada Wright in Glasglow, 1932
Fighting for Freedom on Both Sides of the American Revolution
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: For His Times and Ours


 Document Showing Nathaniel Wells’ Appointment as High Sheriff of Monmouthshire, 1818
“Image Ownership: Public Domain”
Nnamdi Azikiwe Speaks Before the British Peace Conference in London, 1949 (GAH)
Charles Lenox Remond, “Slavery and the Irish (AAH)”
Charles Lenox Remond, “Slavery as it Concerns the British (AAH)”
Lewis Richardson, “I am Free From American Slavery, 1846 (AAH)”

Research Guides and Websites

100 Great Black Britons

Sarah Forbes Bonetta
“Image Ownership: Public Domain”

Africans in Britain: Dr. Miranda Kaufmann’s History Blog
B.C.A. (Black Cultural Archives)
Black Africans in Renaissance Europe: Blog of Michael Ohajuru
Black and Asian Londoners’ Database, London Metropolitan Archives
Black and Asian people in Great Britain, Manuscripts Section, Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section
Black History 4 Schools
Black History Month in Great Britain
Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Britain, 1500-1850 The
National Archives, Exhibitions and Learning Online

Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Great Britain (British National Archives)
Celebrating the Black Presence in Westminster 1500-2000, Westminster City Council
English Heritage: Black Lives in England
Friends of Devon’s Archives Black History Project references, Friends of Devon’s Archives
Ignatius Sancho: African Man of Letters
Jeffrey Green’s Page: Documentation, images, and details that generally relate to the activities of black people in Britain
Legacies of British Slave-ownership project Database
Northamptonshire Black History Project, Northamptonshire Black History Association
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The British Library Online Gallery:Black Europeans
The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database
Victoria and Albert Museum: Slavery and Abolitionism Hub (also with material on Africans in Medieval & Renaissance Art
Voyages: The Image of Black


Harry Baird-Actor
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Great Britain

The British Empire Commonwealth

Sierra Leone
South Africa


Stuart Hall
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Black History Walks (Tony Walker)
International Slavery Museum, Liverpool
National Portrait Gallery: Abolition Trail, researched and written by Dr Caroline Bressey
The Equiano Centre (UCL)
The Image of the Black in Western Art