Kit Oldham

Independent Historian

Kit Oldham is a staff historian for, the online encyclopedia of Washington state history. With Walt Crowley and the HistoryLink staff, he co-authored Moving Washington Timeline: The First Century of the Washington State Department of Transportation, 1905-2005 (HistoryLink, 2005). Oldham received his J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law in 1989 and is Of Counsel to the law firm of GordonDerr LLP in Seattle.

George Washington (1817-1905)

George Washington was a prominent pioneer in the state named, like he was, for America’s first president.  He founded Centralia in southwest Washington and was a leading citizen and benefactor of the town.  Washington’s father was a slave, his mother of English descent.  When his … Read MoreGeorge Washington (1817-1905)