Nick Manos

Independent Historian

Nick Manos was born on July 5th 1983 in Seattle, Washington. Nick began his academic career at St. Joseph’s elementary and middle school which he would attend for nine years until high school. In 1998 he enrolled at Bishop Blanchet and then transferred to Roosevelt High School to finish his AA degree at Seattle Central Community College while in the Running Start program. Nick eventually enrolled at the University of Washington where he is currently pursuing a degree in History while working as a catering manager for the Seattle Aquarium.

Christopher J. Perry (1854-1920)

Philadelphia Tribune Historic Marker, Philadelphia Image Ownership: Public Domain Christopher J. Perry, a pioneering black businessman who championed racial equality, established the Philadelphia Tribune in 1884.  The Tribune is the oldest continuously published African American newspaper in the nation. Perry was born in Baltimore, Maryland … Read MoreChristopher J. Perry (1854-1920)

Harry Pace (1884-1943)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Harry Herbert Pace was the founder of the first black record company, Pace Phonograph Corporation which sold recordings under the Black Swan Records label. He was born on January 6, 1884 in Covington, Georgia the son of Charles Pace and … Read MoreHarry Pace (1884-1943)

Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing (1963)

Image Ownership: Public Domain The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing took place on September, 15 1963. Four young girls, Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Addie Mae Collins, were killed in the racially motivated attack by the Ku Klux Klan against an African American … Read MoreBirmingham 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing (1963)

Orangeburg Massacre (1968)

Image courtesy of ©Bettmann-Corbis The Orangeburg Massacre took place in Orangeburg, South Carolina at South Carolina State University on February 8th, 1968. This horrific incident which ended with three young men, Samuel Hammond, Henry Smith, and Delano Middleton, killed and 27 other students wounded, was … Read MoreOrangeburg Massacre (1968)