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Marcus Nelson was born and raised in Jerseyland, a close-knit community surrounding the world’s first Black-owned golf course and its country club, Shady Rest, in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.  An avid reader and storyteller, he developed his skills into short stories, blogs and his first novel, Born from Weeds & Rats, an historical tale of love, community, friendship and self-discovery.  You will frequently see him blogging on his website,

The Shady Rest Golf and Country Club (1921- )

The Shady Rest Golf & Country Club in Scotch Plains, New Jersey is the oldest African American golf club in the United States. It was the mecca of black middle-class society in New Jersey from the 1920s to the 1960s with members traveling from as … Read MoreThe Shady Rest Golf and Country Club (1921- )

The Battle of Honey Springs, Indian Territory (1863)

Few people recognize that the Civil War extended into Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). The largest battle in the territory, the Battle of Honey Springs, took place on July 17, 1863, when Confederate and Union forces clashed near Honey Springs, Indian Territory. Although three of the … Read MoreThe Battle of Honey Springs, Indian Territory (1863)