Independent Historian

Dr. Ida E. Jones is University Archivist at Morgan State University. During the course of her professional career Dr. Jones remains committed to service within the profession and the larger field of education. She has served the Executive Council for the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Her scholarship is evident in numerous speaking engagements, as well as radio and television appearances. She published three books: The Heart of the Race Problem: the Life of Kelly Miller 2011; Mary McLeod Bethune in Washington, D.C., 2013; and William Henry Jernagin in Washington, D.C., 2016. Dr. Jones is a consummate scholar who believes deeply in the words of Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune who stated “power must walk hand in hand with humility and the intellect must have a soul.”

Victorine Quille Adams (1912-2006)

Victorine Quille Adams was a Baltimore Public School teacher, business manager of the Charm Center, founder of the Colored Women’s Democratic Campaign Committee, co-founder of Woman Power, Incorporated, and the first African American Baltimore City Councilwoman. She was a native Baltimorean whose contributions sought to … Read MoreVictorine Quille Adams (1912-2006)