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Adam Henig is the author of two books: Alex Haley’s Roots An Author’s Odyssey (2014) and Baseball Under Siege: The Yankees, the Cardinals, and a Doctor’s Battle to Integrate Spring Training (2016). He’s currently working on his next book, Watergate’s Forgotten Hero: Frank Wills, Night Watchman. His writings have appeared in TIME, Tampa Bay Times, San Francisco Book Review, History News Network, and The Biographer’s Craft. Adam is an active member of the Biographers International Group. He has been a guest on the New Books Network and Baseball by the Book podcasts and was interviewed in the award-winning television documentary Baseball from the Beginning in Tampa Bay: Breaking Barriers (2016). A graduate of California State University, Chico, Adam lives with his family in Gilroy, California.

Ralph Melvin Wimbish (1922-1967)

During the 1961 Major League Baseball spring training season, Ralph M. Wimbish, a St. Petersburg, Florida-based African American physician, forced city leaders, hotel owners, and team officials to integrate its player housing and allow the entire team to live under one roof. Born on July 24, 1922, in Cordele, Georgia, Ralph Melvin … Read MoreRalph Melvin Wimbish (1922-1967)