Ed Diaz

Independent Historian

Ed Diaz, an independent historian, is president of the Association for African American Historical Research and Preservation (AAAHRP). Originally from New York, He spent twenty years in the U.S. Navy, attaining the rank of Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2), and retiring as a Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO). He is the editor of Horace Roscoe Cayton: Selected Writings (two volumes) and Stories by Cayton: Short Stories by Susie Revels Cayton, A Seattle Pioneer. Diaz is a contributing author ("Reexamining the Past: A Different Perspective of Black Strikebreakers in King County’s Coal Mining Industry") for the anthology, More Stories, More Voices: King County Washington’s First 150 Years. Diaz is presently conducting research for a biography of Horace Roscoe Cayton, Sr.

Revels Cayton (1907-1995)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Revels Cayton, born in Seattle, Washington, was the son of Horace and Susie Cayton, and the grandson of U.S. Senator Hiram Revels. As a highly respected labor leader, he served as Secretary-Treasurer of the San Francisco District Council of the Maritime … Read MoreRevels Cayton (1907-1995)

Horace Roscoe Cayton Sr. (1859-1940)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Horace Roscoe Cayton spent nearly all his life combating racism. The child of a Mississippi slave, Cayton came of age during the Reconstruction, and post-Reconstruction eras and had already cultivated strong opinions on human, political, and civil rights by the time … Read MoreHorace Roscoe Cayton Sr. (1859-1940)

Susie Revels Cayton (1870-1943)

Susie Sumner Revels, a daughter of Hiram Revels, the first U.S. Senator of African descent, arrived in Seattle, Washington from Mississippi in 1896. Her reason, she stated, during a 1936 Washington Pioneers Project interview, was “the man she was going to marry was here.” He … Read MoreSusie Revels Cayton (1870-1943)

Horace Roscoe Cayton Jr. (1903-1970)

Horace Roscoe Cayton, Jr., was the son of Horace and Susie Cayton and the grandson of Hiram R. Revels, the first black U.S. Senator. After graduation from Seattle’s Franklin High School and the University of Washington, Cayton attended the University of Chicago. It was in … Read MoreHorace Roscoe Cayton Jr. (1903-1970)