Academic Historian

Lolita Buckner-Inniss is the Elihu Root Visiting Professor of Women’s Studies for 2012-2013. She holds the Joseph C. Hostetler-Baker & Hostetler Chair in Law at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University. She has an A.B. from Princeton, a J. D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, a LLM and a Ph.D. from York University.  Her most recent publications focus on the legal geographic, discursive and spatial dimensions of race and gender. Her current major research project is a book titled The Princeton Fugitive Slave Case, a socio-legal account of the life of an escaped slave who fled to Princeton and spent more than six decades working on campus.  Inniss served as a New York University-Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique fellow in Paris for spring 2012, where the focus of her research was memory and memorialization in the context of slavery. She blogs at  Ain’t I a Feminist Legal Scholar Too?

Lucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert (1858-1945)

Lucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert was a pianist, composer, arranger, and music teacher. Born in 1858 in Vernouillet, France, a then-small village near Paris, he was the son of Charles Lucien Lambert, an American, and an unknown French mother. Guillaume Lambert was one of several renowned musicians … Read MoreLucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert (1858-1945)

Christiane Taubira (Taubira-Delannon, Christiane) (1952- )

Christiane Taubira is an economist, politician, and writer who was born on February 2, 1952 in Cayenne, Guyana.  Founding president of the Guyanese Walwari Party, she is also an author of a number of writings on the topic of slavery and political equality.  In May 2012 … Read MoreChristiane Taubira (Taubira-Delannon, Christiane) (1952- )