Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman (1901 – )

Mississippi State Penitentiary is less than an hour drive from where Emmett Till was murdered. One of three state prisons administered by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, it is also known as Parchman Penal Farm because it was owned by a prominent Sunflower county family, … Read MoreMississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman (1901 – )

Cedric Burnside (1978- )

Blues percussionist, guitarist, composer, lyricist Cedric Burnside was born on August 26, 1978, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Calvin Jackson, a Blues percussionist, and Linda Burnside from Holly Springs, Mississippi, where Cedric was reared. He grew up in his grandfather’s home, the legendary North Mississippi hill … Read MoreCedric Burnside (1978- )

The 93rd Engineer Regiment (1941-1945)

With a small cadre of white officers and Black NCOs, the segregated 93rd Engineer Battalion (600 men) was activated on February 10, 1941 and quartered in an undesirable mud-filled rear corner of Camp Livingston, Louisiana. Most of the enlisted men were from Mississippi and Louisiana. … Read MoreThe 93rd Engineer Regiment (1941-1945)

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1864- )

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church established 1864 was the first African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E. church) in the state of Mississippi. It was also the site for T.W. Stringer Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for the State of Mississippi headquartered in Vicksburg and founded by Rev. T.W. … Read MoreBethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1864- )

Vera Pigee (1924-2007)

Dr. Vera Mae (Berry) Pigee participated in a demonstration that would desegregate the Illinois Central train terminal in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Under her leadership, three young students, Adrian Beard (16 year old student attending Immaculate Conception Catholic School), Wilma Jones (14 year old student attending Higgins … Read MoreVera Pigee (1924-2007)

Injustice in Alaska Territory: The World War II Court-martial of Ten Black Soldiers Who Helped Build the ALCAN Highway

In their latest book on the Black soldiers who helped build the Alcan Highway during World War II, authors Christine and Dennis McClure encountered a story of injustice in the frigid north. See a description of their new book, A Different Race, to get a … Read MoreInjustice in Alaska Territory: The World War II Court-martial of Ten Black Soldiers Who Helped Build the ALCAN Highway