Harlem Désir (1959- )

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Harlem Désir is currently a socialist politician and Foreign Affairs Under-Secretary for Europe in the government of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.  His career began in the 1980s when he was a leftist student who protested racism and the leader of … Read MoreHarlem Désir (1959- )

Gaston Monnerville (1897–1991)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Born in Cayenne, French Guiana to parents Marc Saint-Yves Monnerville and Marie-Françoise Orville, Gaston Monnerville was the grandson of a slave. His family was from Case-Pilote in Martinique, but moved to French Guiana where two sons were born: Pierre and Gaston. … Read MoreGaston Monnerville (1897–1991)

José María Morelos y Pavón (1765-1815)

Monument to Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon at Montemorelos, Mexico “Image Ownership: Public Domain” José María Morelos y Pavón, statesman and Roman Catholic priest, was one of the greatest insurgent military commanders during the Mexican War of Independence.  Morelos was born into a poor “pardo” … Read MoreJosé María Morelos y Pavón (1765-1815)

Cornel Ronald West (1953– )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Cornel West is one of the most recognizable and preeminent intellectuals of his generation.  West has authored 19 books and edited another 13.  He is best known for his book Race Matters (1994) and in his role as a public intellectual.  … Read MoreCornel Ronald West (1953– )