BlackPast Coffee

Alice Ball Blend

Alice Ball Blend coffee bag is proud to continue our partnership with Zoka Coffee. We formed this partnership in the summer of 2020, with the goal of helping to promote historical understanding and generate constructive change. Zoka recognizes that it is not enough to simply condemn all forms of racism. They believe education is a vital first step to addressing racial injustice in Seattle and across the United States. While they feel there are no easy solutions to the problems we face, they are committed to doing their part by investing time, energy, and resources to advancing this initiative and BP’s mission.

This release, the third blend in the series, features Alice Ball, a pharmaceutical chemist born in Seattle in 1892, credited for developing a successful treatment for Hansen’s Disease (also known as Leprosy) while in her early twenties. 

The coffee is 100% Rwandan, dark roasted, with notes of chocolate, cherry, and peach in the cup. $5 from the sale of each 12 oz bag is donated directly to

Zoka Coffee Company was started in Seattle in 1996 and has four cafes and an online store.