Student Historian

Zachary McFerren is a freshman at Texas A&M University. He is from Virginia but has ethnic ties to several countries, including Guyana, Germany, and Nigeria. Although Zachary plans to major in Petroleum Engineering, he possesses a great interest in the modern state of racial relations in the United States and internationally. In his leisure time, he runs a reselling business that he developed in early 2018 and plays both football and basketball. His future goals include graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, where he plans to enter the workforce immediately, and continuing his reselling practice.

Victoria Eugenia Santa Cruz Gamarra (1922-2014)

Victoria Santa Cruz (Victoria Eugenia Santa Cruz Gamarra) is widely considered the mother of Afro-Peruvian dance. Born in Lima, Peru, on October 27, 1922, she was the eighth of ten children. Her father was Nicomedes Santa Cruz Aparicio, and her mother, Victoria Gamarra Ramirez. Her … Read MoreVictoria Eugenia Santa Cruz Gamarra (1922-2014)