Student Historian

Spencer Stultz is currently a Masters’ student studying in the department of Pan-African Studies at Syracuse University with a specialized concentration in art and community development.

She began her undergraduate studies at Howard University, where she studied Political Science with a concentration in Community Development. After studying abroad in Strasbourg, France, Spencer decided to transfer to Syracuse University to complete her degree. While at Syracuse, she was a peer mentor, tutored athletes, and won first place in the Winston Fisher Seminar Business Plan Competition. She has been interviewed and featured in Femme Noire, a magazine that covered the ventures of black women on Syracuse’s campus. She has also showcased her art in various exhibitions in the Syracuse Community, including I Too, Am American, a gallery exhibition at the Community Folk Art Center.

The Harlem Race Riot of 1964

The 1964 Harlem Riot was one of a number of race-based uprisings/ protests that took place in multiple cities across the United States during the 1960s. As elsewhere Harlem blacks reacted to racial discrimination, segregation, police brutality and social injustices that dominated their lives. They resorted to violence … Read MoreThe Harlem Race Riot of 1964