Academic Historian

Dr. Tracey Owens Patton is an Associate Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication and Journalism at The University of Wyoming. Her Ph.D. in Communication is from the University of Utah, while her undergraduate and master’s degrees are from Colorado State University. She has authored a number of academic articles on topics involving the interdependence between race, gender, and power and how these issues interrelate culturally and rhetorically in education, media, and speeches. Dr. Patton presents her research at numerous academic conferences and her articles include publications in Communication Teacher, Howard Journal of Communications, International/Intercultural Communication Annual, Journal of Black Studies, The National Women’s Studies Association Journal, Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy, Women’s Studies in Communication, and a book chapter published in Opposite Forces: Issues and Conflicts in American Journalism. Forthcoming publications include an article in Visual Communication Quarterly (2008) titled, “Jim Crow on fraternity row: A study of the phenomenon of Blackface in the southern White fraternal order” and a forthcoming co-authored chapter in The Spike Lee Reader titled, “Ya been took, Ya been hoodwinked, Ya been Bamboozled: Mau Maus, diaspora, and the mediated misrepresentations of Blacks.”