Independent Historian

Molly P. Matter is a human rights attorney, owner of Amend Law LLC.  Matter litigates state and federal voting rights violations (authorized under the 14th and 15th Amendment of the US Constitution) and provides pro bono counsel to immigrants seeking asylum.  Ms. Matter is the 2019/2020 Chair of the Civil Rights Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association.

Ms. Matter received her BA at Fairhaven College, studying African American history, American Indian history, literature, social movements, economics and psychology.  Ms. Matter received her JD from Seattle University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Washington State and the 9th Circuit.

Matter’s scholarship focuses on the federal Voting Rights Act and critique of colorblind jurisprudence. Molly Matter befriended Frances North while Mrs. North worked at the Seattle Public Schools and Ms. Matter was engaged in racial equity community organizing.  The two became close friends and Mrs. North shared her civil rights achievements and historical archive with Ms. Matter.