Independent Historian

Benjamin Mchie is the founder and executive director of The African American Registry.  The Registry is one of the most comprehensive databases of African American heritage online.  Mchie is a 1974 Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication graduate from California State University Long Beach.   He is a historian (specializing in African American Heritage) and a speaker for educators, students, corporate and civic organizations.  As an Education Consultant through The African American Registry, his organization trains K-12 teachers to be more inclusive of African American heritage in all subjects, everyday.

Frances Rains (1911-2006)

Frances Mary McHie Rains, an African American community worker, educator, businesswoman, and nurse, was born on January 29, 1911 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Inspired by local black activist and businesswoman W. Gertrude Brown, McHie decided to become a social worker.  After graduating from high school she … Read MoreFrances Rains (1911-2006)