Independent Historian

As a receptionist with CBRE in the Lobby Experience area at Microsoft, Leila has experience in the Azure Data group. Handling a busy building at the world’s technology leader has special moments Leila shares with the many guests who visit Microsoft daily. As Principal of Lmcreativecommunications, she developed publicity and giveaways for clients like Expedia and Education Dynamics. She was the #10 salesperson for Dignity Memorial Sunset Hills Funeral Home and cemetery with $48,000 in sales monthly. As Director of Development for Northwest African American Museum, she was responsible for raising 91% or $17 million of the $22 million capital campaign. Leila has two children, Kayla and Blake, and enjoys volunteering at her daughter’s school, Raisbeck Aviation High School, and on the Stanford OVAL Committee alumni interviewing panel. She recently ran the Seattle Half Marathon.

Malcolm CasSelle (1970- )

Entrepreneur and tech aficionado Malcolm CasSelle made and continues to make pioneering contributions to cutting-edge internet technology. Born March 22, 1970 on a farm near Allentown, Pennsylvania, CasSelle went from building with Legos and TinkerToys as a child to discovering computers in his local high … Read MoreMalcolm CasSelle (1970- )