Independent Historian

Wilbur Everett Jackson, Jr. was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Union University with a BS in Biology. He spent the next 40 years leading software development projects for IBM. After retiring, his time and focus turned to a career of volunteering to close the achievement gap for disadvantaged youth. He has served numerous community-based organizations including UNCF, March of Dimes, Boy Scouts of America, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He has documented and preserved the fraternity’s history at the local, district, and regional level while contributing to its national history. During his travels, he visits historically significant sites and notes the contributions of African Americans.

William Johnson Jr. (1809-1851)

William Johnson, known as the Barber of Natchez, was one of the most prominent African Americans in pre-Civil War Mississippi.  Johnson was born enslaved on December 20, 1809, in Mississippi Territory. His father, also named William Johnson, was his owner, and his mother Amy was one of the … Read MoreWilliam Johnson Jr. (1809-1851)