Philadelphia Giants (1902-1911)

The Philadelphia Giants were a Negro baseball team that played from 1902 to 1911. From 1904 to 1909 they were one of the strongest pre-Negro League teams in black baseball, winning five eastern championships in six years 1904-07. In 1902, Harry A. Smith, a former baseball player and writer … Read MorePhiladelphia Giants (1902-1911)

The Philadelphia Pythians (1856-1871)

The Philadelphia Pythians were one of the earliest Black baseball clubs formed in the United States. They were founded in 1865 by childhood friends and civil rights activists Jacob C. White Jr. and Octavius V. Catto. A third lesser-known founder was William Still, known as … Read MoreThe Philadelphia Pythians (1856-1871)

The Hilldale Athletic Club (1910-1932)

The Hilldale Athletic Club was a professional Negro League baseball team based in Darby, Pennsylvania. Austin D. Thompson, a 19-year-old ballplayer, established the team in 1910 as an amateur youth club. By the end of the year, Ed Bolden, a local black businessman and postal … Read MoreThe Hilldale Athletic Club (1910-1932)