Independent Historian

Lisa Y. Williams is the granddaughter of Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams. She is a graduate of Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Political Science (Communication minor).  She holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Ms. Williams is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She works in public administration and music promotion utilizing her skills thru print, verbal, and social media.  Her goal is to keep her grandfather’s music and legacy alive.


Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams (1915-2002)

Saxophonist, bandleader and songwriter Paul Williams was a performer at The Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland in 1952, considered to be the first rock concert. He has been recognized as a pioneer in the American music industry. Paul Williams was born on July 13, 1915 … Read MorePaul “Hucklebuck” Williams (1915-2002)