Tricia Wagner

Independent Historian

Tricia Martineau Wagner is a North Carolina author and hands-on living history presenter. She is an experienced elementary teacher, reading specialist, and independent historian. Her four non-fiction books are: It Happened on the Underground Railroad (2007; 2nd edition 2015), Black Cowboys of the Old West (2011), African American Women of the Old West (2007), and It Happened on the Oregon Trail (2004; 2nd edition 2014). Ms. Wagner is a well-versed and entertaining speaker who brings history to life. She enjoys conducting presentations for schools around the country in grades 2 – 8 on: the Underground Railroad, Black Cowboys of the Old West, African American Women of the Old West, and the history of the Oregon Trail. She has spoken at the 4th Annual Black History Conference in Seattle, Washington sponsored by the Association for African American Historical Research and Preservation (AAAHRP), Presentation title: “Rewriting American History: The Untold Story of the Contributions & Achievements of African American Citizens.” Ms. Wagner also spoke at the Western Heritage Symposium for the National Day of the American Cowboy, Arlington Texas, (National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum in association with University of Texas at Arlington), Presentation title: “America’s New Vision of the Old West: Black Cowboys & Black Women Who Reformed and Refined Society.”

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