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Patti Flinn is an author of romance (under the name Ava Bleu), one children’s book in both English and French, two historical novellas, and the anticipated 3-book series, The Last Favorite’s Page.

Patti’s first romance, The Diva of Peddler’s Creek, won the 2010 Romance Writers Ink Award and her second, Glorious Sunset, was a finalist for the Phillis Wheatley Award. In 2022, shifting to 18th-century French historical fiction, Flinn penned Veronique’s Journey (winner an Independent Book Publishing Assn Ebook Award for Fiction) and Veronique’s Moon featuring a young woman of African descent sewing her way into French high society.

Based on French historical figure Louis-Benoit Zamor, The Last Favorite’s Page series explores what life might have been like for this black man who was forever known as a traitor for turning over Madame Jeanne du Barry to the French Revolutionary Tribunal. The first book in the series, The Greatest Thing, was released on November 30, 2023.

Patti lives in Central Ohio and loves listening to jazz, reading, and trying recipes from antique cookbooks in her spare time. After earning an MBA, Flinn created the “Exploring My Happy” blog to encourage Gen X women to keep pursuing their dreams.

Louis-Benoit Zamor (1762-1820)

Louis-Benoit Zamor is best known for helping to send French Aristocrat Madame Jeanne du Barry to the guillotine during the French Revolution (1789-1794). Born in Chittagong, India (present-day Bengal), probably of Siddi ancestry (the Siddi were Indians of African descent), Zamor’s birth year is generally … Read MoreLouis-Benoit Zamor (1762-1820)