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Alvin Hayes is a native of Hartford, Connecticut, received his BS degree in Sociology from Tennessee State University, and is a Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Alvin retired after a successful career selling technology products and services to Fortune 500 companies. He currently lives in South Florida and is the creator of “The whileBlack Chronicles,” a series of historical fiction books about the Black experience in America. On the YouTube broadcast, “So Tell Me About Your Book,” he described the Black history embedded in his stories and how he employs African American Historical Fiction to display Black resilience in the face of racism and violence.

Robert Smith Jervay, (1873 – 1941)

Robert Smith Jervey founded the R. S. Jervay Printing Company in 1901 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jervay started the Cape Fear Journal newspaper in 1927 after moving to Wilmington from Columbus County, located on North Carolina’s Southeastern border. Wilmington lacked a Black-owned newspaper for thirty … Read MoreRobert Smith Jervay, (1873 – 1941)