James Golden/ Bo Snerdley (?- )

James Golden, also known as Bo Snerdley, is a successful producer and political activist engaged in changing the nation’s perception and knowledge about the Republican Party. Finding information about Golden’s background is difficult. Although his birthdate is unknown, he was born in Queens, New York … Read MoreJames Golden/ Bo Snerdley (?- )

Rufus Calvin Kuykendall (1903-1977)

Rufus Calvin Kuykendall was an attorney, politician, and one of the first African Americans to be elected judge in Indiana’s Marion County Superior Court. Kuykendall was born on September 24, 1903 in Indianapolis, Indiana to John, a former slave from Tennessee, and Belle (Jackson) Kuykendall. … Read MoreRufus Calvin Kuykendall (1903-1977)

The Pittsburgh Crawfords (1931-1947)

The Pittsburgh Crawfords were a professional Negro League baseball team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh was the only city in the country to be home of two of the Negro Leagues teams, The Homestead Grays, and the Pittsburgh Crawfords. The Pittsburgh Crawfords started off as … Read MoreThe Pittsburgh Crawfords (1931-1947)