Ray Emmitt Dandridge (1913-1994)

Ray (Raymond) Emmitt Dandridge was a third baseman in the Negro Baseball Leagues. Dandridge was born on August 31, 1913 to Archie and Alberta Thompson Dandridge in Richmond, Virginia. Dandridge’s early childhood included playing baseball, football, and boxing. Dandridge had to quit playing football after … Read MoreRay Emmitt Dandridge (1913-1994)

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman (1929-2020)

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman was one of the longest-serving White House employees, serving in various positions under eleven U.S. Presidents. Jerman was born on January 21, 1929, in Seaboard, North Carolina, to Theodore Roosevelt Jerman and Alice Plum. The family was poor and although he had … Read MoreWilson Roosevelt Jerman (1929-2020)

The Battle of the Crater, Petersburg, Virginia (June 15-18, 1864)

The Richmond-Petersburg campaign was a series of battles around Petersburg, Virginia during the third year of the Civil War. The campaign consisted of nine months of trench warfare in which Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant, General George C. Meade, and Major General … Read MoreThe Battle of the Crater, Petersburg, Virginia (June 15-18, 1864)