The First Black Players in the NBA (1950)

The first African American players in the National Basketball Association in the 20th Century all came into the League in 1950. They were Earl Francis Lloyd (Syracuse Nationals), Charles Henry Cooper (Boston Celtics), and Nathaniel Clifton (New York Knicks) They began their academic training at … Read MoreThe First Black Players in the NBA (1950)

African Americans and the Knights of Labor (1869-1949)

Founded in Philadelphia in 1869, the Knights of Labor (KOL) was the largest, most important labor union in the 19th century United States. Unlike most unions (and predominantly White institutions), then, the KOL opened its membership to African Americans and women workers. Prior to the … Read MoreAfrican Americans and the Knights of Labor (1869-1949)

The 1619 Project (August 14, 2019-)

The 1619 project was a collection of essays, poems, and photos surrounding the origins of slavery and subsequent inequalities in the United States, published on August 14, 2019 in the New York Times Magazine, commemorating the 400th anniversary of first arrival of enslaved Africans to … Read MoreThe 1619 Project (August 14, 2019-)

First Africans in the Jamestown Colony (1619)

In 1619, twelve years after the first permanent English colony was established at Jamestown, Virginia, a small cargo of enslaved Africans arrived at the colony at Comfort Point near present day Hampton, Virginia. Until recently, historians had misconstrued the circumstances of how this human cargo … Read MoreFirst Africans in the Jamestown Colony (1619)

The Evolution of Slavery in Virginia, 1619 to 1661

As you will see below, historians agree that the first twenty Africans landed in Virginia in 1619. What is in dispute is their exact status. Were they enslaved people from the beginning of their arrival or did they have some other status? Historian Malik Simba … Read MoreThe Evolution of Slavery in Virginia, 1619 to 1661

Gloucester County Conspiracy (1663)

The Gloucester County Conspiracy also known as the Servant’s Plot or Birkenhead’s Rebellion, took place in Virginia in 1663. The plan involved a rebellion of African, English, Irish, and Indian indentured servants and slaves plotting against authorities in Gloucester County, Virginia. On September 1, 1663, … Read MoreGloucester County Conspiracy (1663)

Sir Guy/ Clarence Eugene Barron (1946-2010)

Sir Guy was born Clarence Eugene Barron, on October 16, 1946 in a musical family in Norfolk, Virginia to Thelma Barron Cartwright and James Norfleet, Sr; reared by mother and stepfather, William “Bro. Bear” Cartwright in the segregated section of the city called Berkley-Campostella. He … Read MoreSir Guy/ Clarence Eugene Barron (1946-2010)

Golden Crown Quartet (1919-1955)

The Golden Crown Quartet was established in Norfolk, Virginia in 1919. The ensemble comprised baritone Samuel Benton, tenor Wilson Taylor, tenor James Holley and bass Maynard Bennett although very little is known about their backgrounds. Unlike the vast majority of African American religious artists in … Read MoreGolden Crown Quartet (1919-1955)