Daunte Demetrious Wright (2000-2021)

Daunte Demetrious Wright, a 20-year-old African American man, tragically lost his life during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Wright was born on October 27, 2000, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to parents Katie Wright and Aubrey Wright.  He had two siblings and attended Patrick Henry … Read MoreDaunte Demetrious Wright (2000-2021)

Charles DeLesline Foster (1948-1986)

On September 6, 1966, Charles DeLesline Foster became the first African American to enroll in The Citadel Corps of Cadets, the military institution in Charleston, South Carolina, founded in 1842. Foster was born on November 26, 1948, at St. Luke’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to … Read MoreCharles DeLesline Foster (1948-1986)