2018 in a Nutshell

A review of information I gathered to write about in 2018 has yielded such a treasure trove of stories about African Americans and the African Diaspora, it is difficult to pick and choose! Below is a list of, and links to, some of these. Where … Read More2018 in a Nutshell


There have been several posts in this blog discussing the interesting places where people of African descent reside (Our Neighbors to the North, Fleeting Glimpses, Early Black British, Seeking Home, Black Communities in Surprising Places). This post focuses on Afro-Turks. The geographic size and the duration of the Ottoman Empire, starting … Read MoreAfro-Turks

Giving Thanks for Much Good News

The season of giving thanks is a great opportunity learn about the work of those whose hard work, imagination, being organized, and higher order thinking skills have created paths that are interesting to follow. The newest batch of Rhodes Scholars, 32 from the United States, include the largest … Read MoreGiving Thanks for Much Good News

Monuments to Non-Conformity

Barbara Hillary 1931- Monuments come in all shapes, sizes, materials, relative importance. There are monumental figures who have shaped history, for example: President Barack Obama, Ms. Rosa Parks, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, the Honorable Thurgood Marshall, Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks, Ms. Barbara Hillary, and many, … Read MoreMonuments to Non-Conformity

Our Neighbors to the North

The history of black people in Canada goes back to, and is intertwined with, French and British settler/trader history in both what became Canada and what became United States. An excellent timeline can be found HERE andHERE, covering 1600-the present and divided into four time periods. William … Read MoreOur Neighbors to the North

Summer Projects….for You!

Summer is a great time to catch up on reading; to learn about people and places not necessarily in the headlines, but worth knowing; to share stories and information with friends and family. This blog has, in the past, posted on travel to heritage beaches, to National … Read MoreSummer Projects….for You!

Cultural News from Black Britain

David Olusoga (photo Des Willie BBC) This spring brings interesting news about Black Britons in the the arts and culture arenas: in television, movies, and books. David Olusoga, producer, documentarian, and presenter, created a BBC series “Black and British: A Forgotten History” and an accompanying book, reviewed here. His … Read MoreCultural News from Black Britain

The Florida Highwaymen

  by Robert Lewis b.1941 Artists need support from art infrastructure such as galleries, museums, agents to succeed beyond their studios. This infrastructure was in short supply (read: none) for African American artists in the 1950’s and 1960’s. A group of artists in Florida realised … Read MoreThe Florida Highwaymen