Independent Historian

Rich Mealey is a senior at the University of Washington (2012) majoring in Social Sciences.  Mealey grew up in New England, but has lived in the American West for all of his adult life, Anchorage, Las Vegas, San Diego, and the Seattle areas.

He is a US Air Force veteran, and a former Software Engineer.  Today he is a freelance photographer, and also helps to provide opportunities for low-income and homeless citizens by partnering with the Seattle street paper REAL CHANGE as a contributing news photographer. He enjoys lifelong learning.  When he is not working and is not in school, Rich spends time travelling, taking photos, or relaxing with friends and family.

Peter Sexford Magubane (1932-2024)

Peter Magubane was a South African photojournalist best known for his photos that exposed that nation’s Apartheid injustice and humanitarian crisis to the west.  He was born outside Johannesburg, in Vrededorp, on January, 18, 1932, and grew up in Sophiatown. Magubane started his photographic career … Read MorePeter Sexford Magubane (1932-2024)