Bishop Lawton

Academic Historian

Bishop Lawton is a Senior in Howard University’s History department from Jacksonville, Florida. As an undergraduate, Bishop has engaged in many research projects and academic programs. He served as an intern at the Ritz Theater and African-American History museum in Jacksonville, Florida, worked on the Ballitore archive digitization project at UC-Santa Barbara, and has been a member of the Mellon Mays program since his sophomore year. His research interests include Pan-African Intellectual History, the history of pre-colonial African civilizations, and 20th-century Black ideology. He aspires to get his Ph.D. in African History and eventually become a professor.

Sankore Mosque and University (c. 1100- )

Sankore Mosque and University is the oldest continuously-operating institution of higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is believed that the mosque and university were erected in the 1100s C.E. (Twelfth Century) by Berbers who settled in the Timbuktu region of modern-day Mali. Mansa Musa I, … Read MoreSankore Mosque and University (c. 1100- )