Independent Historian

Allison Rupert is currently completing her B.A. at the University of Washington, Seattle, with a focus on Dance and Education.  After completion of her degree Rupert is then completing her Masters in Teaching with an emphasis in elementary education at the University of Washington.  Rupert is interested in incorporating movement into daily curriculum to enhance learning.  She is also interested in working with underprivileged children in the Seattle school district.  She plans to pursue her ELS endorsement (English language learner/ English as a second language) as well as a dance endorsement.

Emmett Chappelle (1925-2019)

Emmett Chappelle, inventor, was born in Phoenix, Arizona on October 25, 1925. His scientific research and the 14 United States patents he received for his inventions make Chapelle’s contributions vital to the scientific world. Much about Chappelle’s earlier life cannot be ascertained. He attended the … Read MoreEmmett Chappelle (1925-2019)