Wade Hampton (?-1917)

Wade Hampton was a Wyoming lynching victim. He was taken from the Rock Springs city jail by three men who attempted to hang him. When the hanging was unsuccessful, Hampton was shot to death on December 14, 1917, shortly after midnight. We know little about … Read MoreWade Hampton (?-1917)

Onie Burnett Granville (1916-1998)

Visionary businessman Onie Burnett Granville, a Los Angeles, California Realtor, founded two black-owned and operated state-chartered banks in the 1960s, the Bank of Finance in Los Angeles in 1964 and the Freedom Bank of Finance in Portland, Oregon in 1968.  Both banks were the first of their kind in their respective cities and among the … Read MoreOnie Burnett Granville (1916-1998)

Erica Gwen-Elise Snipes Garner (1990-2017)

Erica Garner was an activist, writer, and leader in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Garner was thrust into a life of activism after the untimely murder of her father Eric Garner, who was killed while held in an illegal chokehold by a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer in … Read MoreErica Gwen-Elise Snipes Garner (1990-2017)

(1893) Ida B. Wells, “Lynch Law In All Its Phases”

Ida B. Wells emerged in the 1890s as the leading voice against the lynching of African Americans following the violent lynching of three of her friends.  Beginning with an editorial in newspaper she owned, Memphis Free Speech in 1892 shortly after their deaths, she organized … Read More(1893) Ida B. Wells, “Lynch Law In All Its Phases”