The New Contributor Upload Process

We at have introduced a new model for submitting entries. From this point forward please submit your entry to this link: From there BP editors will review it and recommend or make changes. If major rewriting is required or if questions need to be addressed, they will contact you. You may have to resubmit your entry in replacement versions but only if asked by the reviewers. Do not send replacement versions on your own. That’s why it is crucial that you make your first upload as full, complete, and correct as possible. When the reviewers are satisfied that the entry is ready for posting, they will push a button and it will immediately “go live” on the website.

This new model however requires a few adjustments from you as the submitter. First there will be new bio information you should fill in. Every new contributor MUST complete the bio information and provide a photo or her or his entry will not be accepted. If you already have a bio and photo for BP and you are satisfied with it, you need not do anything. Do note, however, that this is an opportunity for you to update your information for our vast audience, which is always helpful.

There will also be limits on the title, text, and sources of your entry.

  1. Your title which should only include the name of the person, event, or episode you are writing about, will be limited to 40 characters. I have a model title below: Michelle Janine Howard 1951-2022. There are 32 characters here including spaces between words. The new limit is 40 characters.
  2. The number of words allowed in the text will be limited to 600. You will be allowed no more words which means you must edit your entry down to the required word count. Otherwise, it will not be accepted by the website.
  3. Your entry will be allowed only three sources. We recommend that the total number of words in the sources should not exceed 100. Also, remember that sources are NOT footnotes or endnotes. They are places you recommend the reader go to get additional information.
  4. The new system allows you to upload one photo for your entry. Be sure it clears copyright. You may also upload additional media but you are not required to do so. If you upload media please carefully follow the instructions on the submissions page.

We are linking to the first entry uploaded under this new system, Prudencia Ayala:, so you can see how your entry should look when completed. You can also see your published entry at this link: Let us know if you have questions.

We look forward to getting more entries from you under this new model. Having entries uploaded directly to the website simplifies the process of submitting entries for you and reviewing them for us. Frankly, it is also more professional. Please submit your next entry at your first opportunity.