John Edward West Thompson (1855-1918)

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” John Edward West Thompson was an African American non-career diplomat. He served as U.S. Minister Resident/Consul General to Haiti from June 30, 1885 to October 17, 1889. Thompson simultaneously served as U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to Santo Domingo (now the Dominican Republic) … Read MoreJohn Edward West Thompson (1855-1918)

Fighting for Freedom on Both Sides of the American Revolution

  Fighting for Emancipation in the War of Independence Image Courtesy of University of Chicago Press Alan Gilbert, University of Denver political scientist and anti-racist activist, is the author of Black Patriots and Loyalists: Fighting for Emancipation in the War for Independence, one of the … Read MoreFighting for Freedom on Both Sides of the American Revolution

Samuel DeWitt Proctor (1921-1997)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Educator and theologian Samuel DeWitt Proctor was born in Norfolk, Virginia on July 13, 1921. Both of his grandparents had received a university education, which was considered unusual for the time. Proctor as a child attended the Congregational Church in Norfolk … Read MoreSamuel DeWitt Proctor (1921-1997)

Edward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1901)

Artist Edward Bannister was a painter who concentrated on pastoral landscape scenes depicting the beauty and serenity of nature. He was the first African American artist to receive a national award. Bannister was born in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada in November of 1828. Little … Read MoreEdward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1901)