The Cleveland Buckeyes (1941-1950)

The Cleveland Buckeyes were a Negro League baseball team established initially as the Buckeyes Baseball Club, in Cincinnati, Ohio. On the eve of World War II, a white Cleveland sports promoter, Wilbur Hayes, approached Erie, Pennsylvania black businessman Ernest Wright about financially backing a Cleveland-based … Read MoreThe Cleveland Buckeyes (1941-1950)

Nashville/ Baltimore Elite Giants (1920-1951)

The Baltimore Elite Giants was a professional Black baseball team that played in the independent league as well as all of the Negro Leagues formed. The franchise had previously played in Nashville, Cleveland, Columbus, and Washington, before finding its home in Baltimore. The team was … Read MoreNashville/ Baltimore Elite Giants (1920-1951)

The Jacksonville Red Caps (1938-1945)

The Jacksonville Red Caps were a Negro League baseball team based in Jacksonville, Florida. The team played out of Durkee Field, the city’s first municipal recreation field. Dr. Jay Durkee, owner of the land, donated the property to the Jacksonville Baseball Association. The Red Caps … Read MoreThe Jacksonville Red Caps (1938-1945)