Robert Nelson Cornelius Nix Sr. (1898-1987)

Robert Nelson Cornelius Nix, Sr. was born on August 9, 1898 in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where his father, Nelson, was dean of South Carolina State College. Nix graduated from Townsend Harris High School in New York City, and then from Lincoln University in Chester County, … Read MoreRobert Nelson Cornelius Nix Sr. (1898-1987)

Eshetu Chole (1945-1998)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Eshetu Chole was Ethiopia’s leading economist prior to his death in 1998. His research and publications encompassed an extraordinary breadth: agriculture, industrial and social development, fiscal policy, macro- and microeconomics, and human development at national and regional levels. He was also … Read MoreEshetu Chole (1945-1998)

Woodie King Jr. (1937- )

Image Courtesy of Black Masks Theatre pioneer Woodie King Jr. is a director, actor, playwright, screen-writer, television scriptwriter, essayist, short-story writer, and consultant. Hailed as “the Renaissance Man of Black Theatre,” he was the most successful and prolific black producer in the world. For over … Read MoreWoodie King Jr. (1937- )