George L. Brown (1926-2005)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Although George L. Brown was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, he played a significant roll in Colorado politics for nearly twenty-five years.  Following his graduation from the University of Kansas with a degree in journalism in 1950, Brown moved to … Read MoreGeorge L. Brown (1926-2005)

Edward L. Miles (1939-2016)

Image Courtesy of Edward L. Miles Edward Lancelot Miles, the Bloedel Professor Emeritus of Marine and Public Affairs at the University of Washington, Seattle, was a pioneer scientist in examining and establishing international environmental policy, particularly in the area of global climate change. He was born … Read MoreEdward L. Miles (1939-2016)

Wellington E. Webb (1941- )

Wellington Webb was born in Chicago in 1941.  He came to Denver at a very early age and before entering politics he was a forklift operator. Webb’s public service career began in 1972 when he was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. In 1977, … Read MoreWellington E. Webb (1941- )

Ruth Cave Flowers (1902-1980)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Born in Colorado Springs in 1902, Ruth Cave began her notable career in unpromising circumstances.  Her parents were divorced before she was born, and her mother died when she was 11, leaving Ruth and her sister Dorothy in the care of … Read MoreRuth Cave Flowers (1902-1980)

Edward Rose (c. 1780- c. 1833)

Edward Rose, also known by the names Five Scalps, Nez Coupe and “Cut Nose,” was the son of a white trader father and a Cherokee and African American mother.  Little else is known about his early life including where he was born. He may have … Read MoreEdward Rose (c. 1780- c. 1833)

Five Points, Denver, Colorado (ca. 1885– )

Denver, Colorado’s Five Points community originated in the 1880s as an upper middle-class neighborhood for professional and business men.  The city built one of its first cable streetcar lines into the area and numerous neighborhood businesses emerged along its tracks. White residents initially occupied the … Read MoreFive Points, Denver, Colorado (ca. 1885– )