Michael Augustine Healy (1839–1904)

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” Michael Augustine Healy was an American captain in the United States Revenue Cutter Service, which is commonly known now as the United States Coast Guard. As such, he was the first African American officer in the Coast Guard. Healy was known … Read MoreMichael Augustine Healy (1839–1904)

Franklin Hall Williams (1917-1990)

Longtime civil rights organizer and later U.S. Ambassador, Franklin Hall Williams was born on October 22, 1917, in Flushing, New York. His mother died in 1919. Williams was raised by his maternal grandparents. He graduated from Lincoln University in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1941. After … Read MoreFranklin Hall Williams (1917-1990)

Mahala Ashley Dickerson (1912-2007)

“Image Ownership: Encyclopedia of Alabama” Prominent lawyer and civil rights advocate Mahala Ashley Dickerson was born on October 12, 1912 in Montgomery County, Alabama. She was dedicated to human rights causes and as a lawyer she often took on the cases involving the rights of … Read MoreMahala Ashley Dickerson (1912-2007)