Richard Ishmael McKinney (1906-2005)

African American philosopher and minister Richard Ishmael McKinney was born on August 8, 1906, in Live Oak, Florida. He began his formal education at a local school, the Florida Institute, co-founded by his father, George McKinney, a Baptist Minister. Due to financial difficulties, McKinney stayed … Read MoreRichard Ishmael McKinney (1906-2005)

Harriet Ross Tubman (ca. 1821-1913)

Dubbed “The Moses of Her People,” escaped slave Harriet Tubman assisted hundreds of slaves on the Underground Railroad, leading them from Maryland to safety in Pennsylvania.  Born enslaved in 1821 and raised in Dorchester County, Maryland to Benjamin and Harriett Greene Ross, she was both … Read MoreHarriet Ross Tubman (ca. 1821-1913)