J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. (1923-2011)

Image Courtesy of the University of Chicago Jesse Ernest Wilkins, Jr. is often described as one of America’s most important contemporary mathematicians. At 13, he became the University of Chicago’s youngest student. Wilkins continued his studies there, earning bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees in mathematics. When … Read MoreJ. Ernest Wilkins Jr. (1923-2011)

Forrest Oran Wiggins (1907-1982)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Forrest Oran Wiggins was born in 1907 to Charles and Cora Cosby Wiggins. A native of Vincennes, Indiana, Wiggins attended public schools in Vincennes and Indianapolis. In 1928 Wiggins received his B.A. from Butler University and in the following year earned … Read MoreForrest Oran Wiggins (1907-1982)

Vivian Osborne Marsh (1897-1986)

Vivian Osborne Marsh was a community activist and government official, becoming one of the most influential African Americans in the San Francisco area.  She was born in Houston, Texas, on September 5, 1897.  When she applied to the University of California Berkeley, because of her … Read MoreVivian Osborne Marsh (1897-1986)

Theophilus Gould Steward (1843-1924)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Theophilus G. Steward, African Methodist Episcopal minister, U.S. Army chaplain, and historian, was born April 17, 1843 in Bridgeton, New Jersey.  Publicly educated, he entered the ministry in 1864 and immediately sought to “go South.”  His wishes were granted in May … Read MoreTheophilus Gould Steward (1843-1924)