Zhan Vensanovych Beleniuk (1991- )

Afro-Ukrainian champion athlete and politician Zhan Beleniuk was born January 24, 1991 in the capital city of Kyiv (a.k.a. Kiev) to Svitlana Beleniuk, a Ukrainian dressmaker. His father, Vincent Ndagijimana, an ethnic Hutu and former student at Ukraine’s National Aviation University, was killed in a … Read MoreZhan Vensanovych Beleniuk (1991- )

Sam Mandi (a.k.a. Sam Sandi, 1895?-1937)

Afro-Polish soldier and professional athlete Sam Mandi was born in what was formerly known as the German colony of Kamerun (today the Republic of Cameroon), circa 1895. During World War I Britain and France occupied the colony and Mandi joined the French army where he … Read MoreSam Mandi (a.k.a. Sam Sandi, 1895?-1937)

Kamala/ James Arthur Harris (1950-2020)

James Arthur “Kamala” Harris was a professional wrestler best known for his professional wrestling persona, Kamala, a fictional Ugandan giant. Harris was born on May 28, 1950, to Jessie Harris and Betsy Mosely in Senatobia, Mississippi. He had four sisters as well. Harris grew up … Read MoreKamala/ James Arthur Harris (1950-2020)