St. Louis Stars (St. Louis Giants) (1906-1943)

The St. Louis Stars were a Negro League Baseball team that originally played independently, but later joined the National Negro League (NNL). The team’s original name was the St. Louis Giants, and it was formed in 1906 by African American bank messenger and baseball fan, … Read MoreSt. Louis Stars (St. Louis Giants) (1906-1943)

Nashville/ Baltimore Elite Giants (1920-1951)

The Baltimore Elite Giants was a professional Black baseball team that played in the independent league as well as all of the Negro Leagues formed. The franchise had previously played in Nashville, Cleveland, Columbus, and Washington, before finding its home in Baltimore. The team was … Read MoreNashville/ Baltimore Elite Giants (1920-1951)

The Jacksonville Red Caps (1938-1945)

The Jacksonville Red Caps were a Negro League baseball team based in Jacksonville, Florida. The team played out of Durkee Field, the city’s first municipal recreation field. Dr. Jay Durkee, owner of the land, donated the property to the Jacksonville Baseball Association. The Red Caps … Read MoreThe Jacksonville Red Caps (1938-1945)

The Hilldale Athletic Club (1910-1932)

The Hilldale Athletic Club was a professional Negro League baseball team based in Darby, Pennsylvania. Austin D. Thompson, a 19-year-old ballplayer, established the team in 1910 as an amateur youth club. By the end of the year, Ed Bolden, a local black businessman and postal … Read MoreThe Hilldale Athletic Club (1910-1932)

The Bacharach Giants (1916-1929) (1931-1941)

The Bacharach Giants was a Negro league baseball team first based in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The team originally were the Duval Giants out of Jacksonville, Florida but relocated to Atlantic City in 1916. They were named after the city’s mayor Harry Bacharach, and were … Read MoreThe Bacharach Giants (1916-1929) (1931-1941)

Brooklyn Royal Giants (1905-1942)

The Brooklyn Royal Giants were a top-ranked east coast Negro League team, originally formed in 1905 by John Wilson Connor, owner of the Brooklyn Royal Cafe, and managed by William Parker. They were organized as a “barnstorming club,” meaning they traveled through several states, playing … Read MoreBrooklyn Royal Giants (1905-1942)