Philip Edward “Brave” Davis (1951- )

The Honorable Philip Edward “Brave” Davis, the fifth Prime Minister of The Bahamas and litigation lawyer, was born June 7, 1951, in Cat Island to Brave Edward Davis, a firefighter from Old Bight, Cat Island, and Dorothy Smith Davis, a housekeeper from Alexander, Great Exuma. … Read MorePhilip Edward “Brave” Davis (1951- )

The Negro Baseball Leagues (1920-1950)

The first recorded game of baseball in America occurred on June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey. In its first two decades the sport was racially integrated but after the Civil War, African American baseball players were banned from the National Association of Amateur Baseball … Read MoreThe Negro Baseball Leagues (1920-1950)

Wilson “Ducktail” Alexander, Sr. (1919-1950)

Wilson Alexander, Sr. was the third of seven children born on in 1919 to Charles and Pearl Alexander of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Alexander grew up in a a tight-knit community of sugar plantation sharecroppers in southern Louisiana. On July 24, 1942, he was drafted … Read MoreWilson “Ducktail” Alexander, Sr. (1919-1950)

Seattle Steelheads (1946)

Poster for Seattle Steelheads at Borchert Field, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 12, 1946 “Image Ownership: David Eskenazi Collection” The Seattle Steelheads were the all-black minor league baseball team formed in the spring of 1946 as part of the West Coast Negro Baseball League organized by Abe … Read MoreSeattle Steelheads (1946)

Harrison B. Wilson Jr. (1925-2019)

Esteemed educator, legendary basketball coach, and successful university president, Harrison Wilson Jr. was born on April 21, 1925, in Amsterdam, a small city in upstate New York. His mother Marguerite Ayers was a school teacher, and his father Harrison Wilson Sr. worked in construction. Dr. … Read MoreHarrison B. Wilson Jr. (1925-2019)