Albert T. Bharucha-Reid (1927-1985)

Albert Turner Reid, born in Hampton, Virginia, November 13, 1927, the son of William Thaddeus Reid and Mae Elaine Beamon Reid, was a renowned mathematician who earned his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University in 1949 but never completed a graduate degree in his chosen field, believing further supervised study … Read MoreAlbert T. Bharucha-Reid (1927-1985)

Hercules Washington (Enslaved Cook of George Washington) (1755?- ?)

Hercules Washington by Gilbert Sullivan Image Ownership: Public domain Hercules Washington was the enslaved head cook at George Washington’s Mount Vernon plantation home where he prepared meals for decades for the Washington family and the guests who visit the mansion. Hercules was most likely born … Read MoreHercules Washington (Enslaved Cook of George Washington) (1755?- ?)

Moses Eugene Malone (1955-2015)

Moses Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar "Image Ownership: Public Domain" Hall of Fame National Basketball Association (NBA) player Moses Eugene Malone was born March 23, 1955, in Petersburg, Virginia, and was raised by his mother, Mary Malone, a store clerk. Malone was the first player in … Read MoreMoses Eugene Malone (1955-2015)

Charles Octavius Boothe (1845-1924)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" An African American Baptist preacher, educator, author, and tireless advocate for African American advancement and uplift, Charles Octavius Boothe was one of the founders of Dexter Avenue-King Memorial Baptist Church (1877), Selma University (1878), and the Colored Baptist Missionary Convention for … Read MoreCharles Octavius Boothe (1845-1924)

Henry “Box” Brown (1816-1889)

Image Ownership: Public Domain To escape enslavement on a plantation near Richmond, Virginia, Henry “Box” Brown in 1849 exploited maritime elements of the Underground Railroad.  Brown’s moniker “Box” was a result of his squeezing himself into a box and having himself shipped 250 miles from … Read MoreHenry “Box” Brown (1816-1889)

Charles W. Follis (1879-1910)

Image Ownership: Public Domain The first African American professional football player, Charles W. Follis, was born February 3, 1879, in Cloverdale, Virginia. The Follis family moved to Wooster, Ohio, where he attended Wooster High School and participated in organizing and establishing the first varsity football … Read MoreCharles W. Follis (1879-1910)

Robert “Bobby” Scott (1947- )

Congressman Robert Cortez “Bobby” Scott was born on April 30, 1947 in Washington, D.C. but later resided in Newport News, Virginia.  Scott attended Harvard University and later graduated from the Boston College School of Law. Scott, a Democrat, entered politics in 1978, running a seat … Read MoreRobert “Bobby” Scott (1947- )