Abram Lincoln Harris Jr. (1899-1963)

Abram Lincoln Harris, Jr., the grandson of slaves, was the first nationally recognized black economist. Harris was highly respected for his work that focused primarily on class analysis, black economic life, and labor to illustrate the structural inadequacies of race and racial ideologies.  Harris’s major … Read MoreAbram Lincoln Harris Jr. (1899-1963)

Peter Abrahams (1919– )

Peter Abrahams With Family, 1955 Image Ownership: Public Domain Twentieth century African novelist and journalist Peter Henry Abrahams was born in Vrededorp (near Johannesburg), South Africa, on March 19, 1919. Abrahams’ father, James Henry Abrahams Deras was the son of former Ethiopian landowners who had … Read MorePeter Abrahams (1919– )

Ferdinand Christopher Smith (1893-1961)

Ferdinand Smith, Chicago Alderman Earl B. Dickerson and Donald M. Nelson, Chair of the War Production Board, 1943 Image Ownership: Public Domain Jamaican-born Ferdinand Christopher Smith became a prominent twentieth century international labor activist and leader.  At an early age Smith left Jamaica’s poor economic … Read MoreFerdinand Christopher Smith (1893-1961)

Jonas Malheiro Savimbi (1934-2002)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, Angolan insurgent fighter and longtime leader of The National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), was born in Munhango, Angola on August 3, 1934 to Helena Mbundu Savimbi and Loth Savimbi. Savimbi’s father was a railway … Read MoreJonas Malheiro Savimbi (1934-2002)

MOVE (1972- )

MOVE Fire, May 13, 1985 Image Ownership: Public Domain MOVE is a countercultural black radical organization founded in 1972 by John Africa (Vincent Leaphart), a black handyman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  MOVE was originally named The Christian Movement for Life.  MOVE, despite being spelled with all … Read MoreMOVE (1972- )