Britain’s 1919 Race Riots

The 1919 race riots in Great Britain’s seaport areas such as Liverpool, Cardiff, and Salford were stoked by social, economic, and political anxieties and anger by white union workers and demobilized white servicemen against blacks, Arabs, Chinese, and ethnic minority communities and businesses. It was one of Britain’s … Read MoreBritain’s 1919 Race Riots

Lynching of Julia and Frazier Baker (1898)

Frazier Baker, a schoolteacher and married father of six, was appointed the first African American postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina, in July 1897 by President William McKinley. Baker and his wife Lavinia were born in Effingham, South Carolina, a mostly black area, where he had previously served … Read MoreLynching of Julia and Frazier Baker (1898)

Henry Smith (?-1893)

On Friday, February 3, 1893, Henry Smith was lynched in Paris, Texas, in front of an estimated 15,000 spectators. His death was one of the earliest spectacle lynchings on record.  The heinousness of Smith’s death captured the attention of journalist and anti-lynching advocate Ida B. Wells.  She included a detailed … Read MoreHenry Smith (?-1893)