The Jersey City Uprising (1964)

Newspaper Account of Jersey City Uprising, 1964 Image Ownership: Public domain The 1964 Jersey City, New Jersey Uprising began August 2 and lasted three nights until the morning of August 5.  The uprising began in the predominantly black neighborhood of Lafayette in Jersey City after police arrested 26-year-old … Read MoreThe Jersey City Uprising (1964)

Albina Riot, Portland, Oregon (1967)

Portland Police Arrest Two Black Men in the Albina Riot, 1967 Image Ownership: Public domain The 1967 Albina Riot in Portland, Oregon, occurred during a summer in which over 150 other cities were experiencing civil unrest. Underlying resentments and racial tensions that had been mounting for decades were … Read MoreAlbina Riot, Portland, Oregon (1967)

The Chester, Pennsylvania Race Riot (1917)

Newspaper Account of Chester Pa. Riot Image Ownership: Public domain The 1917 Race Riot in Chester, Pennsylvania began July 24, 1917 and continued until July 30, 1917.  It is considered unique from many of the other race riots of the World War I and Inter-War period of 1914-1939 because there … Read MoreThe Chester, Pennsylvania Race Riot (1917)

The Colored Orphans Asylum of New York (1836-1946)

There was much racial unrest in New York City, New York in the early 1800s as immigrants from across Europe and migrants from neighboring states arrived in the city. Slavery was abolished in New York state in 1827. Although black New Yorkers were free, many of their families were broken because … Read MoreThe Colored Orphans Asylum of New York (1836-1946)

The Martin Luther King Assassination Riots (1968)

The King Assassination Riots were a series of more than 100 cases of civil unrest that occurred in the wake of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This turmoil was apparent all throughout the nation as racial tensions rose to a volatile level. Different degrees of unrest … Read MoreThe Martin Luther King Assassination Riots (1968)