Hartford, Connecticut Riot (1969)

Barbour Street, Hartford, June 1969 Image Ownership: Public domain Hartford, Connecticut in the late 1960’s was a city immersed in racial unrest, class disputes, and activism. The city was a dichotomy between the ghetto, predominantly black or Puerto Rican and impoverished, in the North End and the South End, white … Read MoreHartford, Connecticut Riot (1969)

Grand Rapids Uprising (1967)

Grand Rapids Uprising, 1967 Image Ownership: Public domain The 1967 Grand Rapids Uprising occurred on July 25, 1967 in a predominantly black and impoverished neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The uprising came only days after the much larger uprising in Detroit, Michigan but a post-riot official report titled … Read MoreGrand Rapids Uprising (1967)

The Clinton, Mississippi Riot (1875)

The Clinton Riot Historic Marker Image Ownership: Public domain The Clinton Riot began on September 4, 1875, in the small town of Clinton, Mississippi at a Republican rally to introduce the party’s candidates who were running for political office in the upcoming November elections.  The immediate death toll included five blacks … Read MoreThe Clinton, Mississippi Riot (1875)

The Meridian Race Riot (1871)

Newspaper Account of the Meridian Riot Image Ownership: Public domain The Meridian Race Riot occurred over three days in March 1871 in Meridian, Mississippi.  It resulted in the murders of a white Republican judge and nearly thirty blacks by a mob of vigilante whites led by the Ku Klux Klan. … Read MoreThe Meridian Race Riot (1871)

Cambridge, Maryland Riot (1963)

Gloria Richardson Confronted by Maryland National Guardsmen During 1963 Cambridge Protests Image Ownership: Public domain The 1963 Cambridge Riot was the result of racial tensions between African American and white residents in the town of Cambridge, Maryland. After a year of demonstrations led by Baltimore’s Civic Interest Group … Read MoreCambridge, Maryland Riot (1963)

Pulaski, Tennessee Race Riot, 1868

Founding the Ku Klux Klan in Pulaski, Tennessee, 1866 Image Ownership: Public domain The Pulaski Race Riot occurred in Pulaski, Tennessee on January 7, 1868, when local whites shot, and killed or wounded, six African American men.  The origin of the riot was a conflict that began with two men … Read MorePulaski, Tennessee Race Riot, 1868

Hunter’s Point, San Francisco Uprising (1966)

Women Flee the Hunter’s Point Riot Area, 1966 Image Ownership: Public domain The Hunter’s Point Uprising in 1966 began September 27 and lasted for three days.  At that time, it was the largest riot in San Francisco, California since the anti-Chinese riots almost 90 years earlier.  The uprising began when police … Read MoreHunter’s Point, San Francisco Uprising (1966)