Oberlin-Wellington Rescue (1858)

Participants in the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue, 1859 Image Courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society Tensions leading up to the Civil War often manifested themselves through conflicts over the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue was one such instance of this. It was a struggle … Read MoreOberlin-Wellington Rescue (1858)

John Henry Merrick (1859-1919)

Image Ownership: Public Domain John Henry Merrick—insurance agent, entrepreneur, business owner—was born in Clinton, North Carolina on September 7, 1859. Merrick was born a slave; he lived with his mother Martha Merrick and a younger brother. With the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation his family was freed. … Read MoreJohn Henry Merrick (1859-1919)

John Mitchell Jr. (1863–1929) and the Richmond Planet (1883 -1996)

Image Ownership: Public Domain John Mitchell, Jr. edited and published the Richmond Planet newspaper from one year after its founding in 1883, until his death in 1929.  He was known as the “fighting editor” for his writing against racism. In 1863, John Mitchell, Sr. and … Read MoreJohn Mitchell Jr. (1863–1929) and the Richmond Planet (1883 -1996)