George Cadle Price (1919–2011)

George Cadle Price, PC, OCC was a Belizean statesman who served twice as head of government of Belize, from 1961 to 1984 and 1989 to 1993. He served as First Minister and Prime Minister under British rule until independence in 1981 and was the country’s … Read MoreGeorge Cadle Price (1919–2011)

Lynden Pindling (1930–2000)

Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, (The Right Excellent Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, NH, ON, PC, KCMG, OM, JP) was a Bahamian politician who is considered the “Father of the Nation” of the Bahamas. He led the country to majority rule on January 10, 1967, and independence … Read MoreLynden Pindling (1930–2000)

Habib Bourguiba (1903-2000)

Habib Bourguiba, the first leader of independent Tunisia, was born on August 3, 1903, in Monastir, Tunisia, then a French protectorate. His parents were Ali Bourguiba and Fatouma Khefacha. His father sent him to Tunis when he was five to pursue his studies at the … Read MoreHabib Bourguiba (1903-2000)

Sylvanus Olympio (1902-1963)

Sylvanus Olympio was the first president of Togo and also served as prime minister. He was born on September 6, 1902, in Lome, Togoland, then a German colony. Olympio’s grandfather had emigrated from Brazil in the mid-19th century. Young Sylvanus was one of 30 children. … Read MoreSylvanus Olympio (1902-1963)

André Muhirwa (1920-2003)

André Muhirwa was the first prime minister of independent Burundi. He was born in 1920 in Murete, Ruanda-Urundi (then a Belgian colony). His father, Mbanzabugabo, was a rural chief. In 1930 when Muhirwa’s father died the Belgian colonial government appointed a successor to the chieftaincy … Read MoreAndré Muhirwa (1920-2003)

Ahmed Ben Bella (1916-2012)

Ahmed Ben Bella was a leader of the Algerian War of Independence who became the first Prime Minister, and later, the first President of independent Algeria. Ben Bella was born in 1916 in Maghnia (Marnia), Oran, Algeria (then a French colony), the son of a … Read MoreAhmed Ben Bella (1916-2012)

Ismail Al-Azhari (1900-1969)

Ismail Al-Azhari was the first Prime Minister of independent Sudan from 1954 to 1956 and, also, served as President of Sudan from 1965 to 1969. Al-Azhari was born in Omdurman, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan on October 26, 1900. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan was a condominium, created by agreements concluded … Read MoreIsmail Al-Azhari (1900-1969)