Freetown, Sierra Leone (1792- -)

Freetown Residents at the Beach Image Ownership: Public Domain Freetown is the capital, principal port, commercial center, and largest city of Sierra Leone.  The city was founded by British Naval Lieutenant John Clarkson and freed American slaves from Nova Scotia.  Freetown was part of the … Read MoreFreetown, Sierra Leone (1792- -)

Anderson Ruffin Abbott (1837-1913)

Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Canada’s first black doctor, was born April 7, 1837 in Toronto, Ontario.  He was the son of free black property owners William Ruffin Abbott and his wife Ellen (Toyer) Abbott who left Alabama after their store had been destroyed.  They settled briefly … Read MoreAnderson Ruffin Abbott (1837-1913)

University of Liberia (1863– )

In 1851, the national legislature of Liberia authorized the establishment of Liberia College which is now the second oldest institution of higher learning in West Africa. The Trustees of Donations for Education in Liberia purchased materials and hired faculty for the college with funds from … Read MoreUniversity of Liberia (1863– )