Riley Andrew Ransom Sr. (1886-1951)

Dr. Riley Andrew Ransom Sr., the founder of the first hospital for African Americans in Fort Worth, Texas, was born on March 9, 1886, in Columbus, Kentucky, to parents Allen and Alice Ransom.  Ransom briefly attended Lane College in Tennessee then transferred to Southern Illinois … Read MoreRiley Andrew Ransom Sr. (1886-1951)

Henry Boyd Hall (1899-1974)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Dentist, community leader, and civil rights activist Henry Boyd Hall was born September 12, 1899 in Palestine, Texas, Hall attended Palestine’s Lincoln High School, and later Tennessee State University and Meharry Medical College where he graduated as a Doctor of Dental … Read MoreHenry Boyd Hall (1899-1974)

Anderson Ruffin Abbott (1837-1913)

Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Canada’s first black doctor, was born April 7, 1837 in Toronto, Ontario.  He was the son of free black property owners William Ruffin Abbott and his wife Ellen (Toyer) Abbott who left Alabama after their store had been destroyed.  They settled briefly … Read MoreAnderson Ruffin Abbott (1837-1913)

Midian Othello Bousfield (1885–1948)

  Midian O. Bousfield (left) Receives the Legion of Merit Award, 1945 Image Ownership: Public Domain Physician and businessman Dr. Midian Othello Bousfield was a leader in Chicago’s insurance industry. His diverse career included work in medicine and in the military, advocating for African American … Read MoreMidian Othello Bousfield (1885–1948)

African Americans in Medicine in the Civil War Era

Most Americans are now familiar with the contribution of nearly 300,000 black soldiers and sailors to the Union cause during the U.S. Civil War.  Less well known is the role of a dedicated group of black doctors and nurses in uniform who worked diligently to … Read MoreAfrican Americans in Medicine in the Civil War Era